• PDF - Q3rp Task A
    Quarter 3 Reading Project Task A Reflection Sentence Starters You may add pages to this worksheet if neededName Today s DateTitle of Book AuthorTotal Pages Rating of Book 1-10Choose five 5 of the following Sentence Starters and write a brief reflection for each on the back of thispaperI noticedI wonderI was reminded ofI thinkI m surprised thatI d like to knowI realizedIf I wereThe central issue s ...
  • PDF - Textual Evidence 2l1qlbw
    Textual Evidence Textual EvidenceUsing what we ve read so far in Life as We Knew It and your non-fictionarticle I would like you to do the following1 Use Textual Evidence to show at least one way in which the maincharacter s in Life as We Knew It is trying to survive Explain byproviding the passage page and paragraph number2 Use Textual Evidence to show at least one way in which theperson s in you...
  • PDF - 301822
    Sentence Starters Really Good Stuff Activity GuideBeginning Level Challenge LevelOverhead 200 Really Good Words To KnowI like to My dog isCongratulations on your purchase of this Really Good Automatic RecognitionStuff Overhead 200 Really Good Words To Know The most important goal in having early readers workWe like to My cat iswith high frequency words is automatic visual recognitionInside this Re...
  • PDF - Sticky Note Sentence Starters
    Sticky-note Sentence Starters Sometimes students need closure to the day s reading experience but don t need to write an all-out essayStudents can write a few sentences to help them process what they ve read and demonstrate progressThese sentences can be written on an index card and used as a ticket out the doorSentence Starters Sentence StartersWhen I started reading this text I When I started re...
  • PDF - Eng1 Unit06d
    hasis on classical literatureMake complex inferences about text and use Textual Evidence to support understandingDetermine the meaning of grade-level academic English words in multiple content areasderived from Latin rootsWritingWrite expository texts to communicate ideas and information to specific audiences for aspecific purposeRevise drafts to improve style word choice and Sentence varietyGramm
  • PDF - Gr6englishlanguagearts
    Microsoft Word - 6TH GRADE Language Arts.doc Common Core State StandardsENGLISH LANGUAGE ART SSIXTH GRADEI LITERATURE 6- RLA KEY IDEAS DETAILS1 Cite Textual Evidence to support analysis of what the text says explicitly as well as inferences drawn from the text2 Determine a theme or central idea of a text and how it is conveyed through particular details provide asummary of the text distinct from p...
  • PDF - Agtf Grade 6 Pacing
    used to connect ideas across all disciplinesBig Ideas and Generalizations- ideas related to the Universal Concept that can be investigatedo Ex When addressing the Universal Concept of POWER students could study Big IdeasincludingPower can be used or abusedPower comes in many formsPower may be seen or unseenEssential Questions- questions that probe deep thinking about a generalization or big ideaEn
  • PDF - Writing Review Packet Grades 3 5 2013
    ar etcAs you can see this type of writing has no limits When writing this type of paper considerthe following1 Read and re-read the literature or text2 Get your overall Gut feeling as to what you have read3 Read the prompt and think through what is being asked4 Create an interesting thesis about the text Make sure you are addressing theprompt or the question asked5 Engage the reader s attention in
  • PDF - 6th Ela Lit Seats Lesson Plans
    5 2012S ELACC6SL5 ELACC6RL6 ELACC6W9 Draw ELACC6L4 ELACC6L5GPS Include multimedia Explain how an Evidence from Determine or clarify DemonstrateStandards components e g author develops the literary or the meaning of understanding ofElements graphics images point of view of the informational texts unknown and figurative languageand key music sound and narrator or speaker to support analysis multiple
  • PDF - General Graphic Organizer Argument
    PARAGRAPH 1 INTRODUCTION a Hook - grab your reader s attention approximately 3 sentencesb Set up situation background information needed for audience approximately 1-2 sentencesc Thesis statement 1 Sentence do not use should could or wouldExample of thesis Students having access to personal cell phones during school is beneficial to enhance learningPARAGRAPH 2 a Begin with a transitional phrase Th...
  • PDF - Curriculum On A Page 10 2
    support enrichment articles cause and effect relationship locating specific detail in text analyzingand remediation effectiveness of text features using Socratic Seminarwhen needed As arule teachers mayadd to but notWriting As they read and discuss students will write the following piecessubtract from thiscurriculum Analyze Thesis and Analyze elements ofanalogies literacy analysis argumentationThe
  • PDF - English I The Hobbit Summer Reading Assignment
    e book All work is due to your teacher on Monday September 13Part 1 Directions Respond to each question with a Sentence or two after you read thenovel in your journal your marble composition book Journal entries should be done neatlyin pen The numbers in parentheses refer to the chapter s where the information may befound1 When the dwarves enter Bilbo Baggins home his character is revealed What do
  • PDF - Syllabus Semester 2
    mood of textRI 6 4 Determine the meaning of words and phrases as they are used in a text including figurativeconnotative and technical meaningsGood readers use specific words and phrases to help determine the overall meaning or tone of the textNV 4 6 2 Identify the tone of textL 6 4a Use context e g the overall meaning of a Sentence or paragraph a word s position or function ina Sentence as a clue
  • PDF - Dbq 1 Elements Rubric World
    ce questionanalyticalposition thatanswers the Introduces basic Analytical categories Categories are Categories areRoadmap question and analytical categories buckets introduced incompatible with missingderives from the buckets may or may but are insufficient the question and orevidence not be in the same either in number or evidencesentence as thesis clarityIntroducesinsightfulanalyticalcategoriesb
  • PDF - Chelsea Hs 910 Ela Textual Analysis Performance Rubric 2013
    Chelsea HS - 10th ELA Textual Analysis Performance Rubric 2013 Chelsea High School Performance Assessment 9th 10th GRADE ENGLISH LANGUAGE ARTS - Textual ANALYSISSCORING EMERGING E D DEVELOPING D P PROFICIENT P A ADVANCEDDOMAINARGUMENT Argument is unclear Makes a somewhat Makes a clear and well Makes a clear wellWhat is the underdeveloped or clear but general developed argument that developed andev...
  • PDF - 10th Grade English Curriculum Map Q2
    rom a scene in a classic drama texts identifying the controlling idea andevaluating supporting text evidenceStudents synthesize information frommultiple texts form a personal understandingof an issue and write an analytical essayusing Textual Evidence to support theirunderstanding They continue to developvocabulary and independent reading skillsStandards AddressedSTUDENTS ARE EXPECTED TO E2 Fig19A
  • PDF - Smarter Balanced Ela Grades 6 8 For Training
    K Target s 2Evidence Required When reading literary text students1 cite explicit Evidence from the text to supportinferences and conclusions about the text e gsummarizing plot analyzing characters determiningsettingOR2 use implied information from the text to supportinferences and conclusions about the text e ganalyzing character motivation determining themeAllowable Item Types SR CRTask Models Mo
  • PDF - Teacher 20130907 1335
    ctions and your personal experience Focus on the things that connect us all aspeople Then use your list to write one paragraph describing an early Native American valuethat many people still hold today Write a second paragraph describing something normallycondemned or disapproved of by both early Native Americans and most people todayProvide text Evidence and personal experiences to support your d
  • PDF - The Hunger Games Compare Contrast
    nd fully This paper approaches the textanalytically supports a coherent thesis with Evidence from the text and explains how the evidenceillustrates and reinforces its thesis Each body paragraph demonstrates use of extensive Evidence tosupport topic Sentence and reinforces thesis The essay employs subtlety in its use of the text and thewriter s style is fluent and flexible Student writing is insigh
  • PDF - Final 2007 Eoc Rhetorical Analysis Scoring Guide
    although they may have occasionalerrors Such papersOffer an insightful analysis of the author s purposeProvide persuasive analysis of how the rhetorical devices convey the author s purposeSupply specific detailed supporting Textual Evidence and are well-organizedAre distinguished by varied Sentence structure effective word choice and a sense of voiceDemonstrate consistent and effective control of
  • PDF - Eng421 200903earl
    days before they are due and discuss them with me Be sure to make use of supplementaryreadings For graduate students a term paper meeting professional standards is due on the last dayof class discuss it with me within the first two weeks The mid-term exam will be objective the finalexam will be a mix of objective and essay questions on the whole term s work Take advantage of officehours to ask que
  • PDF - Tips Homework 7 Standard Mockingbird Ch 16 23
    TIPS Homework 7 Standard Mockingbird Ch. 16-23 Name Date Core TIPS ASSIGNMENT 7Dear Family PartnerThis week we are learning I hope you enjoy this assignment with me This assignment is due SincerelyGrammar Review Context Clues - Hints in the text that help usunderstand what a word meansA Sentence is a word or word group that contains a subject and a verb and Character Traits - Adjectives we can u...
  • PDF - Tips Homework 6 Honors Giver Ch 11 15
    TIPS Homework 6 Honors Giver Ch. 11-16 Name Date Core TIPS ASSIGNMENT 6Dear Family PartnerThis unit we are learning I hope you enjoy this assignment with me This assignment is due SincerelyGrammar ReviewContext Clues - Hints in the text that help us understand what a word meansA Sentence is a word or word group that Character Traits - Adjectives we can use to describe characterscontains a subjec...
  • PDF - Paper 1 Rubric
    r structure and is difficult to follow or isalong with might be somewhat difficult to follow not the proper lengthPaper is written in an engaging and Paper is written in a scholarly but dry Paper is written in a non-scholarly tone orscholarly tone and contains no unclear tone or contains no more than 1 contains more than 1 extremely vague orClarity Tone sentences extremely vague or ambiguous sente
  • PDF - English I
    ntent areas e g science mathematics social studiesthe arts derived from Latin Greek or other linguistic roots and affixesSupporting StandardB analyze Textual context within a Sentence and in larger sections oftext to distinguish between the denotative and connotative meaningsof words Readiness StandardD describe the origins and meanings of foreign words or phrases usedfrequently in written English
  • PDF - Rhetorical Analysis Scoring Guide
    trate clear and consistent competence although they may have occasional errors Such papersOffer an insightful analysis of the author s purposeProvide persuasive analysis of how the rhetorical devices convey the author s purposeSupply specific detailed supporting Textual Evidence and are well-organizedAre distinguished by varied Sentence structure effective word choice and a sense of voiceDemonstra
  • PDF - 8thgradelearningtargets
    8th Grade Learning Targets.xls Eighth Grade Language Arts Learning Targets Common CoreStandard Statement Learning TargetStrandReading I can cite Textual Evidence that strongly support my inferences and analysis of the text RLLiterature I can determine the theme of a text RLI can analyze the development of the theme throughout a text RLI can analyze the relationship of the theme to the characters s...
  • PDF - Honors Summer Reading
    n and writing in the first weeks of class To prepare youmust find mark with a sticky note type and annotate a minimum of ten 10 quotes for each text related to the themeAn annotation includes at least 4- 6 sentences of explanation about the significance of the quote chosen please do notjust paraphrase what the quote says but analyze the text the importance of what is being said how it is being sai
  • PDF - Grade 6 Common Core
    Mississippi Language Arts Framework 2000 English Language Artscorrelated to theCommon CoreState Standards Initiative2010Level 6Common Core Standards 2010English Language Arts1 Cite Textual Evidence to support Noneanalysis of what the text saysexplicitly as well as inferences drawnfrom the text2 Determine a theme or central idea of Nonea text and how it is conveyed throughparticular details provide...
  • Art Mafe From Other Works Argument Writing Organizer

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