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  • PDF - Crossover Turf Spreader Settings
    Settings for Common Spreader Brands Pounds per 1000 square feetSpreaders 2 0 lbs 3 0 lbs 4 0 lbs 5 0 lbs 6 0 lbs 7 0 lbs 8 0 lbsSpyker 24-22 Rotary 3 6 3 9 4 1 4 5 4 75 5 0 5 5Lesco Rotary 10 E 11 E-F 12 F 14 G 15 G-H 16 H 18 IPizelawn CB Rotary 3 8 4 2 4 5 4 75 5 0 5 5 6 0EarthWay 2400 Rotary 14 15 18 19 20 21 22Cyclone Pro 3 25 3 5 4 0 4 5 4 7 5 0 5 5Scotts R8A F G I J K L MLely Broadcast 2 3 2 ...
  • PDF - Brillg50
    Brilliance Granular is a soil surfactant formulated ACTIVE INGREDIENT Recommended Spreader Settings to establish consistent water flow into and 20 Blend of Propoxylated Polyethylene Glycolsthroughout the root zone Brilliance Granular is 80 Porous Ceramic CarrierBRAND TYPE Spreader SETTINGS2 5 lbs 3 75 lbseasy to use and will not harm turf when used in Scotts Pro Turf R8A Rotary D E Gaccordance wit...
  • PDF - 6116019
    Microsoft Word - 6116019.doc 0-0-7PENDIMETHALIN 86150SGNNET WEIGHT 50 LBS 22 7 KGCOVERS 12 500 SQUARE FEETAt 2 7lbs A I Pendimethalin per acreGuaranteed AnalysisSOLUBLE POTASH K2O 7The following Settings are approximate forDERIVED FROM POTASSIUM CHLORIDE applying contents of this package Settings arebased on average walking speed ReduceCHLORINE Cl NOT MORE THAN 7 Settings for slower speed and incr...
  • PDF - 40106 Lawn Food 10 23 12
    anules with a calibrated Spreader in the Spring Summer and Fall Apply at a rate of 12 lbs per 1 000 sq ft of lawn area Irrigatetreated area with 0 25 inches of water after application Maximum number of applications is 4 per yearAPPLICATION INSTRUCTIONS This product may be applied with drop or rotary-type spreaders designed to apply granular fertilizers For best results apply thisproduct evenly and
  • PDF - 1114339
    Microsoft Word - 1114339.doc 19-3-5DIMENSION 130230SGNNET WEIGHT 50 LBS 22 7 KGCOVERS 12 500 SQUARE FEETGuaranteed AnalysisTotal Nitrogen N 191 17 Ammoniacal Nitrogen The following Settings are approximate for applying contents of this17 83 Urea Nitrogen package Settings are based on average walking speed Reduce settingsAvailable Phosphate P2O5 3 for slower speed and increase for higher speed Chec...
  • PDF - 1416609
    Microsoft Word - 1416609.DOC 10-10-10 230SGNNET WEIGHT 50 LBS 22 7 KGCOVERS 5 000 SQ FTGuaranteed AnalysisThe following Settings are approximate forTotal Nitrogen N 10 applying contents of this package Settings are3 91 Ammoniacal Nitrogen based on average walking speed Reduce6 09 Urea Nitrogen Settings for slower speed and increase forAvailable Phosphate P2O5 10 higher speed Check your Spreader on...
  • PDF - Bs 26 36bh
    L-1884-C.book OWNER S MANUALBROADCAST SPREADERMODELBS-36BS-26AssemblyInstallationOperationRepair PartsFor use with Ridersand Lawn Garden TractorsFor the latest product updates setup tipsVisit us on the web Important This manual contains information for the safety ofwww brinly com persons and property Read it carefully before assembly andoperation of the equipmentL-1884-CINTRODUCTIONCONGRATULATIONS...
  • PDF - Ecmaxwinter
    u early May 2nd APPLICATIONdevelopment rich green color stress resistance and a Mid-April thru JulyRIZERsteady long-lasting feeding to create a healthy lawnINTE TILIZERFall fertilization is considered by most turf experts to beFALLone of the most important applications in the four-stepW20 5 ID21 CylprogramMAXLAWN Winterizer is formulated with zerophosphorus helping to protect lakes rivers and stre
  • PDF - Lawnstarterfactsheet
    Bacillus megaterium 208 CFU per gramCalcium Ca 4 0 Bacillus pumilus 208 CFU per gramDerived from Bone Meal Pasteurized Poultry Manure and Sulfate of Potash Magnesia1 9 Slow Release Nitrogen from Bone Meal and Pasteurized Poultry ManureWhere to UseFor use on newly seeded and sodded areasApplication RateApply at a rate of 12 lbs per 1000 sq ftUse Spreader Settings below or Spreader manufacturer rec
  • PDF - Pre Emergent Herbicides Overseeding
    derlying fertility soil andwater issues and the herbicide will not even be necessaryCrabgrass has been known to start appearing in the middle tolower transition zone as early as mid-April Crabgrass will firstappear along sidewalks driveways and parking lots areas thatwarm up more quickly All is not lost if some comes up and youLarge Crabgrass appears coarse lighter in color andhaven t gotten contr
  • PDF - Pro Green Label
    10735ProGreen#2b DIRECTIONS FOR USEWe recommend the following directions for feeding your lawn and preventing and correcting chlorosis yellowing1 WHAT IS THIS PACKAGE FORferti lome PRO-GREEN LAWN TONIC helps promote vigorous plant growth and a deep green thick lawn2 HOW DO YOU USE ITApply ferti lome PRO-GREEN LAWN TONIC any time during the growing season Using the Spreader Settings listed below ap...
  • PDF - 1120709
    12-4-8 23-3-6TEAM PRO 86230SGNNET WEIGHT 50 LBS 22 7 KGCOVERS 12 500 Square FeetGuaranteed Analysis The following Settings are approximate for applying contents of thisTotal Nitrogen N 23 package Settings are based on average walking speed Reduce1 17 Ammoniacal Nitrogen Settings for slower speed and increase for higher speed Check your21 83 Urea Nitrogen Spreader on 250 sq ft and adjust to apply o...
  • PDF - Russel Auction
    e tiller lawn roller1994 Chevy Silverado 1500 pick up-4 wheel drive-5 7 liter engine-auto-Ryobi cultivator push mower McCulluch chain saw Poulan chain saw 2matic-SS tool box-extended cab-only 98 000 miles Ford 8N tractor-3 pointcycle gas blower weed eaters wheelbarrow rakes all type shovels-scoopwith 4 brush hog 3 pt sickle mower roto hoe draw bar stabilizer barsshovel dbl ax hatchets sledge pick
  • PDF - 9600 Datasheet Msds
    h Court EastDUST will be used Because loose DIAMOND DUST will settle after application the area below where theDIAMOND DUST will be applied should be well masked and covered This will make clean up much easier and aidin residual collectionAPPLICATION PROCEDUREApply the coating being used per the manufacturer s instructions After the coating has been applied but before it hasdried the DIAMOND DUST
  • PDF - Page4
    2000-2001 Equipment Showcase Showcase2010 2000-2001 Equipment Showcase 11 23 09 10 57 AM Page 4Equipment Showcase 2010REIST INDUSTRIES GALVANIZED Broadcast Spreader Spread LYNEX REMOTEsand salt fertilizer grass seed or screened topsoil This unit has a 1 2 yard capacity CONTROLLED SLOPEand spreads from three feet to 40 feet Can be attached to a skid steer or three-point MOWER The Lynexhitch Visit w...
  • PDF - 420
    TUNING GUIDE TUNING GUIDESpeed Sails have put together this tuning guide to help you set your boat up close toits ideal Settings These Settings should be regarded as a starting point for fine tuningas individual boats and crews may need to alter them slightly for best performanceWhen you have your boat set up remember to mark everything so that the settingscan be reproduced quicklySpreader Setting...
  • PDF - 300342
    5 2 0 0 07 water soluble manganese MnSoluble Potash K2O 18 0 Total Zinc Zn 0 11Calcium Ca 1 00 07 water soluble zinc ZnMagnesium Mg 1 5Copper Cu 0 030 6 water soluble magnesium Mg0 015 water soluble copper Cu15 1 slowly available nitrogen from methylene urea Boron B 0 03NUTRIENT SOURCESMethylene urea mono-ammonium phosphate sulfate of potash sulphate of potash magnesia ferrous sulphateferrous oxid
  • PDF - 1116109
    Microsoft Word - 1116109.DOC 12-4-8PENDIMETHALIN 86230SGNNET WEIGHT 50 LBS 22 7 KGCOVERS 12 500 SQUARE FEETGuaranteed AnalysisTotal Nitrogen N 121 56 Ammoniacal Nitrogen The following Settings are approximate for10 44 Urea Nitrogen applying contents of this package Settings areAvailable Phosphate P2O5 4 based on average walking speed ReduceSoluble Potash K2O 8 Settings for slower speed and increas...
  • PDF - Lft Turf 2013
    is is key to understanding your lawn This Spread the seed in two directions so that the seed isAll our products give your customers Broadcast in two passes that are perpendicular to eachmore than just a green lawn Our process ensures that you understand where potentialProfessional Turf Mixtures - LaCrosse 4 problems may arise Ask yourself these questions What is other Spread half of the seed in ea
  • PDF - Promag Mini Reg Es E Rev1405 1
    or the formation of chlorophylland the storage of carbohydrates in the rootsystemINGREDIENTSMagnesium sulphate Magnesium oxideOntario and Western Canada 1-877-785-1098 Quebec and Maritimes 1-800-363-9436ProMag 36 Mg SAPPLICATION RATESBag Application Application Nutrients supplied Area Covered Bagskg Rate Rate kg 100 m2 lb 1 000 ft2 m2 ft2 required perlb kg 100 m2 kg ha Mg S - hectare acrelb 1 000
  • PDF - Dgmtv Ba
    3DIGM-241 Broadcast Copywriting 3LEE UNIVERSITY FRESHMAN EXPERIENCE DIGM-242 Basic Broadcast Journalism 3LEEU-101 Freshman Seminar Gateway 1 Fall DIGM-245 Motion Media Design 3LEEU-102A Global Perspectives Seminar 1 Spring DIGM-305 Practicum or COMM-305 1LEEU-102B Foundations of Benevolence 1 Spring DIGM-365 Innovation Social Media 3DIGM-370 Studio Production 3SUBTOTAL 3 hours DIGM-375 Studio Pro
  • PDF - 07 04 1990
    Cablavi-vice it osts 52 5U per month Thisprice is not scheduled to rise BasicBrondcasl service consists of networkchases Standard Service pays S2 SQ forBasic Broadcast plus 72 45 for Satellitewhich amounts to 14 fi5 Vsion mpresontattvc Arthur P kocschrr channels 3 5 8 Fox 19 43 WTBS- Loescher explained that the cost forattended Monday evening s city council AUanta PTL CNN EWTN a public Satellite S
  • PDF - Caleb K Bell Resume
    intern fall 2012Lee University Clarion Cleveland Tenn - Updated and organized department blogEditor-in-chief 2013-2014 News editor fall 2012 - Broke down difficult IT concepts for students and facultyCopy editor spring 2012 Staff writer fall 2011 - Wrote stories and employee profiles for blog- Covered campus events curriculum changes faculty American Bible Society Philadelphia Pameetings national
  • PDF - Dry Crumbles 8 3 6 Label
    Product Information Binder.pub BioFlora Dry Crumbles 8 - 3 - 6 8 CaGuaranteed Analysis Application RecommendationsTotal Nitrogen N 8 00 We recommend the following general application rates of this plant food Rates1 45 Ammoniacal Nitrogen may need to be modified depending on local conditions1 20 Nitrate Nitrogen2 52 Water Soluble Nitrogen Agriculture - Use 200 lbs to 500 lbs per acre Broadcast at l...
  • PDF - Sap Crm
    Microsoft Word - SAP CRM Course Contents.DOC SAP CRMDuration 5 DaysSAP CRM SOLUTION OVERVIEWOVERVIEW AND INTRODUCTION TOSAP SD OverviewFoundation Architecture of SAP CRMSAP CRM AnalyticsSAP CRM MarketingSAP CRM Mobile SALES SERVICES OverviewSAP CRM SalesSAP Interaction CenterSAP ServiceCRM BASE CUSTOMIZINGCRM Basic DATA CUSTOMIZING Settings FOR THESE OBJECTSBusiness partnerOrganizational modelTerr...
  • PDF - Westmoreland Equipment Brochure
    Item Price Spreaders RoadT242 Straight Shaft Trimmer 299 99Fuel Safety Cans Jeannette PA 15644T242X Straight Shaft Trimmer 319 99T282 Straight Shaft Trimmer 389 99 Upside Down PaintT282X Blade Ready Straight Shaft Trimmer 409 99Shovels Rakes Across from Penn-CrossingC282 U-Handlebrushcutter 459 99Brooms Shopping PlazaM242 Multi-tool Powerhead 299 9965001 Trimmer Attachment 79 99 Wheel Barrows6500
  • PDF - Micro Green 5 7 18
    00 2 75 12 50 0 632 50 3 44 15 63 0 78PRODUCT COVERAGE ONE 50-LB BAG COVERS 3 200 - 8 000 SQ FTSPREADER SETTINGSLBS OF ACTUAL P2O5 SETTINGBEST Pro Spreader 1 6 A1 6 A2 7AEarthway 1 12PLesco 1GScotts R-8A cone setting 8 1H F1M M2P MSGN 100 NOTE Spreader Settings are guidelines only Spreaders should be checked for accuracyAPPLICATION PRECAUTIONSApply to dry turf and irrigate thoroughly immediately
  • PDF - 6118709
    Microsoft Word - 6118709.DOC 22-0-6PENDIMETHALIN 75150SGNWith Sulfur Coated UreaNET WEIGHT 50 LBS 22 7 KGCOVERS 12 500 SQUARE FEETAt 1 3 lbs A I Pendimethalin per acreGuaranteed AnalysisTotal Nitrogen N 22 The following Settings are approximate for applying22 00 Urea Nitrogen contents of this package Settings are based onSoluble Potash K2O 6 average walking speed Reduce Settings for slowerSulfur S...
  • PDF - Speedcheck Display Speedlimit
    speed-limit signSLOW DOWN Scheduler and TimeKeeper optionsavailableThe Speed Limit Alert is always-on displaying the designatedspeed limit When a driver exceeds the speed limit thedisplay flashes the higher the speed the faster the flashingChangeable Speed Limit CSLThe SpeedCheck Changeable Speed Limit is a solution thatincreases awareness of a speed limit change based on timeof day Can be used t
  • Class 9th Maths Lab Manual Of Sa 1 Hazmat Nm Mvd

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