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  • PDF - Csap Extended Response Rubric
    CSAP Extended Response Rubric CSAP Extended Response Rubric4th -10th GradeThe Topic 4 Points 3 Points 2 Points 1 Point 0 PointsThe writing The writing The writing The writing The writing is off topico Meets all requirements of the o Meets most of the prompt s o Meets some of the o Meets few of theprompt requirements prompt s requirements prompt s requirementsStays fully focused on topic Stays most...
  • PDF - 3 5mathsolos 30 32 Done
    Extended Response Math Lessons SUBJECTS Math Materials IncludedGRADE LEVELS 3-4-5 Attached sheet of Math problemsSTATE STANDARDS Additional Materials Needed6 C 2a 7 A 2a 7 B 2a Organizer for Response TCHARTparagraph etc8 A 2bObjectivesStudents will solve Math problems that relate to Lockport Lincoln and IllinoisStudents will extend their problem solving skills and tell why they solved theproblems ...
  • PDF - Ig K First10days
    Introduction to First Grade Math Mini-Cluster: The First 10 Days Introduction to Kindergarten Math Mini-Cluster The First 10 DaysCluster 1 will begin on Day 11Taking the first two weeks of school to develop classroom Math routines will allow for greaterinstructional and learning time for students in the future Modeling and providing guided practice ofexpectations and feedback will allow students t...
  • PDF - Lesson Plan 3 10 14
    gh the nursery rhymes Hey Diddle Diddle and Humpty Dumpty Then the students will put the flannelboard pieces in order as she reads the story Students will also repeat the rhyming words diddle-fiddle spoon-moon wall-fall etcStudent learning target I can learn nursery rhymes and rhyming wordsKESC English Language Arts BM 3 4 Demonstrates emergent phonemic phonological awareness TSG 15cIndependent Gr
  • PDF - R001100117gcb080
    Microsoft Word - G3ExSS.doc Scope and SequenceGrade 3 Extended ResponseEach Extended Response Library includes 100 static open-ended problems and assignments that integrate theuse of multiple Math skills These multiple-part Extended Response assignments provide extra challenge andhelp build critical-thinking and real-world problem-solving skills They include authentic and performance-based assessm...
  • PDF - Education Cluster Response Flow Chart Draft
    Education Cluster Response Flow Chart-draft Education ClusterResponse Flow-ChartWORKING DRAFT PhilippinesBackground and RationaleThe humanitarian cluster approach is an initiative of the United Nations OCHA toensure collaboration of various agencies both government and non-government incomplementation of resources for humanitarian aid during emergenciesThe Education Cluster in the Philippines was ...
  • PDF - Pr20101025
    understanding of mathematical skills or concepts and includes multiple-choice and short Response itemsto familiarize students with common item typesWith Algebra 1 becoming a requirement in most schools and districts there is a great need for high-quality supplementary materials commented high school Math Curriculum Specialist Cindy SchimekThis skills-based supplement provides the support our stude
  • PDF - 949aa6a0418791c4f3b962a4cd0c92f4
    The 2014 GED Test Reasoning Through Language ArtsRLAExtended Response ResourceGuide for Adult EducatorsOctober 2013GED is a registered trademark of the American Council on Education Used under licenseThe 2014 GED Test -Reasoning Through Language Arts RLAExtended Response Resource Guide for Adult EducatorsTable of ContentsTopic PageOverview and Introduction to Daylight Saving Time Resource Material...
  • PDF - Accelerated Math Library Guide
    StampIt - A Stamping Utility for PDF Documents Math ManagementSoftwareLibraryGrade 6Standard 1 2 3GuideMotivate Students to Master Every Math Objective 1st Grade to CalculusGrade 6Library GuideLRenaissance LearningP O Box 8036Wisconsin Rapids WI 54495-8036Phone 800 338-4204FAX 715 424-4242Email answers renlearn comWeb site www renlearn comCopyright NoticeCopyright 2002 Renaissance Learning Inc All...
  • PDF - 3206 3661392 Gedwriting2 Sample
    s 26 Hans Christian AndersenHerbert Hoover and Franklin Delano Roosevelt 28Figurative Language 64Cause-and-Effect Relationships 30 Excerpt from The Most Dangerous Game 66Heat Wave 32 Richard ConnellEcology of the Redwood Forest 34 A Detail 68Stephen CraneLanguage Meaning and Tone 36Cumulative Review GED PRACTICE 70Excerpt from Life on the Mississippi 38Excerpt from The Story of an HourMark TwainKa
  • PDF - Snr Graphics 13 Sai Ext Resp
    Extended Response test: Industrial design - redesigning a disposable cup and lid -- Graphics 2013 Graphics 2013Annotated indicative Response and judgments within dimensionsExtended Response test Industrial designredesigning a disposable cup and lidThis sample demonstrates on-balance judgments within dimensions It provides information aboutstudent achievement where the Response matches the qualitie...
  • PDF - Pla Student Handbook Chapter 3
    arning1 Q What format is the portfolio written inA The self-assessment is to be written in standard written English as an Extended Response tothe questions listed for each Tab bullet point responses are not appropriate Use the online forms toanswer all of the required questions for each Tab See also the guidelines in Chapter 2 Developing aPortfolio and the student samples at global cmich edu prior
  • PDF - 2 4 13
    Lesson Plans J Johnson Week of 2 4 139 00 to 3 35 390min less 25 min for lunch 365 daily minNotesFlag Room Study HallM Math MondayT Text TuesdayW Word WorkTh Think about your ThinkingF Free Write FridayMath AutomaticityCommon Core5 NF 4 Apply and extend previous understandings of multiplication to multiply a fraction or whole number by a fraction5 NF 6 Solve real world problems involving multiplic...
  • PDF - 7m2a 2
    Change Ch vez and the UFWIn this unit which centers on informational text standards RI 7 2 RI 7 3 and consumers workers government and businesses the focus of Unit 3 affectRI 7 5 students will read and analyze a speech by C sar Ch vez In Response to the working conditions They also will analyze how Ch vez uses specific tools ofdifficult working and living conditions faced by agricultural workers C
  • PDF - 8a85a44cc095e05c6cc1c836f4233d5f
    rview of Social Studies Themes and Example Content 5Science Practices 6Overview of Science Themes and Example Content 7Social Studies Extended Response Scoring Rubric 8Social Studies Excerpt 10Social Studies Prompt 11Sample Anchor Papers and Annotations 12Sample Anchor Papers and Annotations 13Sample Anchor Papers and Annotations 14Science Excerpt Prompt and Scoring Guide 15Prompt 16Scoring Guide
  • PDF - Math7
    Microsoft Word - Math 7th grade curriculum map.doc Grade Level 7 Staff Member LindstromAugust September October November DecemberWhat are effective ways to visually display and understand How are decimals used everyday How do we use algebra s symbolic How are fractiona part of ourQuestionscollected statistical data and manipulation formulas to find daily lifeEssentialHow do we apply range mean med...
  • PDF - 9780439050081
    Cookie Maps 1512 Scrambled State Pictures 1613 Geography and Research 1614 Famous Names Around the World 1715 Continent Envelopes 1816 Interdependence of World Trade 1917 Export Game 20Section TwoTimeline Activities18 Human Timeline 2919 Pocket Chart Timeline 2920 Paper Chain Timeline 3021 Step Book Timeline 3022 Accordion Timeline 3123 Famous Person Timeline 3224 Filmstrip Timeline 32Super Socia
  • PDF - Ny07mm Rpsb 2012
    New York Ready Practice Student Book Sample 7 MathematicsNew YorkNew YorkTMPracticelatestAdd resses tsNYSoTe 17 12m1updates fr lacesRe pTest 2PracticeTo the Student CONTENTSThis test provides practice with themath skills that students in grade 7 shouldmaster The practice test has 71 questions Practice Test62 multiple-choice questions and 9 short-Book 1 1and Extended-Response questions fromfive key...
  • PDF - Rubric Language Arts 4 10
    Rubric for Short-Response Questions FCAT ReadingGeneral Scoring Rubric for Short-Response SR QuestionsGrades 4 8 and 102 points The Response indicates that the student has a complete understanding of thereading concept embodied in the task The student has provided a Response that is accuratecomplete and fulfills all the requirements of the task Necessary support and or examples areincluded and the...
  • PDF - Aug 14 Curriculum Newsletter
    to deliver the content Thegrant totaled nearly 15 000 for purchase of the online contentChanges in Testing for 2014 - 2015As you are likely aware the state testing in Ohio will bechanging for the 2014 - 2015 school year This year Ohio s assess-ments will be aligned with Ohio s New Learning Standards whichincludes Common Core Mathematics and English Language Artsand state standards for Science and
  • PDF - August 29 2014
    earned thatour story is being told as a huge flashback We also hit one of the two climaxes onour story plot line Finally we reviewed idioms like Hit the hay and similes likeThe trees swayed in unison like dancers in a chorus line The author uses figura-No school Labortive language to help paint a mental picture for the reader Finally we have alsoDay worked on Extended Response writing otherwise kn
  • PDF - When Lightening Comes In A Jar
    Title Title When Lightening Comes in a Jar Author Patricia Polacco Genre Realistic FictionMini Lesson Reading Strategy PredictionMaterials Reader s Toolkit pencil Prediction pink sticky notes Anchor Chart or reading Response journal for stickynote responsesText and or page numbers Prompt for Prompt for Prompt for AssessmentTo follow along with the lesson please number the Think Aloud Turn and Talk...
  • PDF - R001100317gcc188
    Microsoft Word - G5ExSS.doc Scope and SequenceGrade 5 Extended ResponseEach Extended Response Library includes 100 static open-ended problems and assignments that integrate theuse of multiple Math skills These multiple-part Extended Response assignments provide extra challenge andhelp build critical-thinking and real-world problem-solving skills They include authentic and performance-based assessm...
  • PDF - 568681389989085
    details make inferences evaluateScience Life Science 40 reasoning and evidence analyze relationships 34 90 minutesPhysical Science 40 between sources read and interpret graphsEarth Space Science 20 charts and other data representationsDraw conclusions and make inferencesSocial Studies Civics Government 50 determine central ideas hypotheses and 35 90 minutesU S History 20 conclusions analyze relat
  • PDF - 7thgradeeog Milestonemessenger
    Milestone Messenger Volume 1 Issue 1 9 3 2014Cobb County School District 7th Grade EditionNew Assessment Introduced ELA Test Parameters Math Test Parameters40 Selected Response 50 Selected ResponseThe Georgia Milestone Assessment System isdesigned to be a comprehensive coherent and 10 Norm-referenced items 10 Norm-referenced itemsconsolidated assessment system aligned to standards aligned to stand...
  • PDF - Geocrm071
    he English workbooks listed aboveTeacherWorks PlusTM All of the materials found in this booklet are included for viewingprinting and editing in this CD-ROMSpanish Assessment Masters ISBN10 0-07-877350-4 ISBN13 978-0-07-877350-1These masters contain a Spanish version of Chapter 7 Test Form 2A and Form 2CCopyright by the McGraw-Hill Companies Inc All rights reserved Permission isgranted to reproduce
  • PDF - Chemistry Perfect Score 2011
    delines for answering paper 3The common command words in paper 2The structure of AtomChemical Formulae and equations2 Set 1Periodic Table of ElementsChemical BondsElectrochemistry3 Set 2Oxidation and ReductionAcids and BasesSalts4 Set 3Rate of reactionThermochemistryCarbon compounds5 Set 4 Manufactured Substance in IndustryChemicals for ConsumersPaper 3 set 16 Set 5 Paper 3 set 2Paper 3 set 3Chemi
  • PDF - Beta
    Beta distribution from http www Math wm edu leemis Chart UDR UDR html The shorthand X beta is used to indicate that the random variable X has the beta distributionwith parameters beta and gamma A beta random variable X with positive shape parameters andhas probability density functionx 1 1 x 1f x 0 x 1The beta distribution is used for modeling random variables that lie between 0 and 1 for examplep...
  • PDF - La00 01
    1997 The main objective of CCT is tomake accurate mastery decisions with lowest possible cost including the testing time and thenumber of items administeredTo implement an IRT-based CCT procedure a cut-point on the ability scale c must beestablished first Two types of classification errors are considered if the examinee is classifiedas a master but in fact his her ability level is below c a false
  • Cbse Fa1 Paper Biology Further Maths Syllabus Ghana

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