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  • PDF - Bio304cabinetshoods12202011
    Biosafety Cabinets and Fume Hoods BIO304 Biosafety Cabinets and Fume Hoods BIO304You ve worked for months on your research You ve been using the biosafety cabinet wearingthe appropriate PPE doing what you thought were all the right things But today you discoverthat your research materials are contaminated What happenedSometimes we forget we use the wrong type of ventilation equipment for the job...
  • PDF - Thermo Hamilton Safeaire Fume Hood Manual
    SAFEAIRE LABORATORY Fume Hoods OPERATION MAINTENANCE AND INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONSGENERAL INFORMATIONFisher Hamilton is pleased to have had the privilege of GENERALfurnishing your laboratory equipment This is a majorFume Hoods are exposed to extremes of temperature reagentinvestment and your equipment is built to withstand extremesfumes and working surface abuse Regular care will prolongof tempera...
  • PDF - Hohenloher Tl Abzuege De En
    Typenliste/List of Items, AbzügeExhaust Cabinets and Fume Hoods, de/en TLAbz ge 2008-09-10 10 09 2008 14 47 Uhr Seite 1Abz ge TypenlisteExhaust Cabinets and Fume Hoods List of ItemsTLAbz ge 2008-09-10 10 09 2008 14 47 Uhr Seite 2Abz ge nach EN 14175 Fume Hoods in Accordance with EN 14175Standard-Abz ge Standard Fume HoodsBreite 1200 1500 1800 mm Width 1200 1500 1800 mmH he 2692 mm Height 2692 m...
  • PDF - Unimax 2009 Web
    UniMax Large Floor Mount Walk-In Fume Hoods UniMax Fume HoodsHazMax Fume HoodsAccess Door Sash OptionsPlumbing Electrical ServicesExhaust Ventilation ServicesFilter Scrubber ServicesLaboratory Planning SolutionsUniMax Floor Mounted Walk-in HoodsUniMax Floor Mounted Walk-in Hoods are designed to safely isolate materials andprocedures from the surrounding area and exhaust hazardous fumesChemical Res...
  • PDF - 149245
    Fume Hood Controller Technical Specification SheetRev 3 February 2000Fume Hood ControllerProgram and calibration parameters are userdefined or modified via the Laptop TerminalPID closed loop control for damper controlapplicationsElectrically Erasable Programmable Read OnlyMemory EEPROM memory for set point andcontrol parameters no battery needed andSupports multiple hood and sash configurationsOpe...
  • PDF - 1349764985 Fume Hood Walkin
    Fume Hood Walkin.cdr RFUME HOOD WALKINMODEL NO - ACM-1512WTECHNOCRACY PVT LTDRFUME HOOD WALKINWalk in Fume Hood is a regarded as a great way to handle odors and toxic fumes from processing unitsand distillation assemblies These floor standing Fume Hoods can feature services like air gas nitrogenor any other type of gas Weiber mobile Fume Hoods are ductless microprocessor based advanced andCE marke...
  • PDF - Frontier Mono Fume Hoods
    Esco Frontier Mono Laboratory Fume Hood Model EFH-4ALaboratory Fume Hoods Shown with optional base cabinetClass IIIntroduction Biological Safety CabinetsLaboratory Fume Hoods are one of theLife important devicesThe Safety Solution for most Science Laboratories Complementary neutral white with blue accents blends theused to protect laboratory personnel from exposure to hazardous hood with any casew...
  • PDF - 1366799428 Fume Hood Main Cataog
    Fume Hood main cataog.cdr RFUME HOODSTECHNOCRACY PVT LTDRFUME HOODSChemical Hoods are equipments that are extensively used in a laboratory to ensure safety as the people who workwith these equipments won t be exposed to too many hazardous and dangerous fumes Fume Hoods are made of mildsteel and are coated with epoxy Weiber designs the chemical Fume Hoods for air science and forensic researchFUME H...
  • PDF - Processingguides Spiralcrimpedstaplefibers Pdf
    he fiber diameter while usinga homopolymer Additionally polymer additives like cross linkers or branching agents could also be used to create asimilar effectDifferential cooling quenching of solid hollow and shaped fibers with eccentric holesAs the fiber is drawn the orientation and or shrinkage differential between the two sides is magnified resulting in theformation of helical or spiral crimp on
  • PDF - Copperconversionlab
    erProcedure 1Tare a 250 m beaker Add about 1 5 grams of copper turnings and record the weightaccurately Roll the copper into a loose ball and check the weight again Get about 20 mlof dilute nitric acid This acid is strong Be careful Walk to one of the Fume Hoods or oneof the vents at the lab benches along the wall Take the copper beaker the acid and yourstirring rodPour the acid over the copper Wa
  • PDF - Ki Lab Air Diffuser Dla7l E
    tWith 650 m h and -4 K 16 cm s max can beachievedExcellent room air purging reducing pollutantconcentrations to low levelsLow air speeds at the Fume Hoods Air volume m hCorrect function of the Fume Hoods is ensuredEliminates temperature gradientMaximum air speedsNon-combustible diffusers as DLA 7 and DLA 8 in the occupied zoneEasy cleaning The uniform smooth surface is notinterrupted by individual
  • PDF - Ufipl Catalouge 2010
    catlog2010 Manufacturer and exporter of Laboratory Furniture Laboratory Fume Hood and lab Exhaust SystemThe Laboratory PeopleUltra Fab India Pvt LtdISO 9001 2008 CERTIFIED ORGANASATIONManufacturer of Laboratory FurnitureLaboratory Fume Hoods Portable Counter-topFume Hoods Spot Extractor ArmsChemical Storage CabinetsCanopy Hoods Special Lab Exhaust SystemsUtility ServicesCatalogue 2010ABOUT USUltra...
  • PDF - Fin5 11
    ay require utilityoutlets but are plug-in types Examples include but are not limited to moveable or non-fixed theater orclassroom seating electronic equipment desks chairs bookcases files waste receptacles easels partitionsrefrigerators tables credenzas stools typing stands computer stands and other furniture including interiorwall furniture systems FF E also includes scientific or technical equip
  • PDF - Ttg Greencast 05 Uci Clrb
    tory ReplacementBuilding CLRB at UC Irvine Medical Center contains meeting spaces and labs with of cesARCHITECT on levels 1 through 4 and lab areas with Fume Hoods freezers electron microscope largeCarrier Johnsonrooms staff lounges of ces meeting rooms and other support spacesLEED MEP TELECOM-LoV FIRE ALARMTMAD TAYLOR GAINESLEED MEASURESHigh Ef ciency Evaporative Cooled Package HVAC UnitLOCATION
  • PDF - Bp Modeling 508
    ies was produced byLaboratories for the 21st Century Labs21 a joint program of the U S Environmental Protection Agency EPAand the U S Department of Energy DOE Gearedtoward architects engineers and facility managers theguides contain information about technologies and practices to use in designing constructing and operatingsafe sustainable high-performance laboratoriesStudies show a direct relation
  • PDF - Uniflow Se Manitanence Manual New Style
    Installation Operation Maintenance Manual UniFlow SE Laboratory Fume HoodModel s45411 45511 45611 4581148 60 72 9636 59Model No 45421 Model No 45521 Model No 45621 Model No 45821Visit www HEMCOcorp com Call Toll Free 800 779-4362HEMCO Corporation Phone 816 796-2900711 S Powell Road Fax 816 796-3333Independence MO 64056 Email info HEMCOcorp comThe HEMCO Fume Hoods are shipped palletized fully crate...
  • PDF - Laboratory Chemical Hygiene Plan For Chemistry And Teaching Labs Revised June 8 2014
    t 92 4 1 Eye Protection 92 4 2 Face Protection 102 4 3 Hand Protection 102 4 4 Foot Protection 102 4 5 Body Protection 102 4 6 Respiratory Protection 103 0 GENERAL LABORATORY SOPS 123 1 General Laboratory Safety Procedures 133 2 Proper Labeling and Safe Storage of Chemicals 143 3 Proper and Safe Use of Chemical Fume Hoods 213 4 Corrosive Chemicals 243 5 Flammable Liquids 313 6 Oxidizing Chemicals
  • PDF - Tearsheet Sdsc Wfloorplans0312
    exible oor plates and high-endimprovements which allow for varying sized laboratories San Diego ScienceCenter is located o i-5 in the mission bay area of San Diego only 10 minutesfrom the San Diego international Airport Downtown and the Torrey Pines areaof San Diego For information on spaces for lease at San Diego Science Centerplease contact usFeaturesbiology chemistry labsmove-in ready suites a
  • PDF - Hazwasteguideline
    ss examples include Flammable Corrosive ToxicAir Water Reactive Oxidizer ExplosiveFlammable Oxidizer Pyrophoric Reactive Reducer Acid Base and ToxicFor more information on specific chemical incompatibility consult a material safety data sheet MSDSHazardous Waste StorageHazardous waste must be transferred to EH S for disposal within 6 months of being generatedHazardous waste containers must be stor
  • PDF - Ehsd0020
    hibited in laboratories including desks in labs and areas where hazardous chemicalsbiological materials and or radioactive materials are stored and used6 All lab corridor doors should be posted with the name and 24 hour contact information for the responsible personPrincipal Investigator and a list of hazards found in the lab A template is available on the EH S web sitehttp www stonybrook edu ehs
  • PDF - Chem Storage Map
    Chemical Storage Map Chemical Storage MapBuilding Room DateLife Safety BoxFire ExtinguisherShowerEyewashShower EyewashFree-Standing CabinetFume HoodNatural Gas OutletGas CylinderFloor-StandingEquipmentHazards KeyHazard Description Threshold QuantityRefrigerator and or1 Explosive Forbidden Freezer2 1 Flammable Gases 1 cu ft2 2 Non Toxic Flam Gases 1 cu ft2 3 Toxic gases 1 cu ft3 Flammable Liquid 5 ...
  • PDF - Hnfusermanual Pdf Blob Publicationfile
  • PDF - Cals Green Lab Survey Report
    ps aprogram of Cornell Cooperative Extension of Tompkins County reached occupants inapproximately 50 of the labs across the six buildings and asked questions in three topicareas electric load and equipment ventilation and Fume Hoods and lightingThe survey found most lab occupants are conscious of their energy use and how to reduce itHowever the survey also found opportunities for significant energ
  • PDF - Labinspectchecklist
    ers etc worn in lab1 9 Laboratory equipment checked regularly andoperating as designed ex reflux condenser hotplates electrical cords etc1 10 Eyewash and shower tagged and tested monthly2 0 Chemical Safety2 1 Chemicals stored appropriately and segregatedbased on compatibility2 2 Chemicals WHMIS labeled2 3 Chemical inventory available and updated withinpast 12 months2 4 Access to MSDS s available i
  • PDF - Agenda Registration
    llroom9 00 AM - 10 00 AM - Fixtures - M Straughn D Withee - Grove Room10 00 AM - 11 00 AM - SEFA Certification - Rick Johnson C Albright K Rindoks - Ocean Ballroom11 00 AM - 12 30 PM - Keynote Speakers - Victor Cardona - Smith Group James A Berge - HOKFuture Lab Projects Lab Furniture Innovations - Ocean Ballroom12 30 PM - 1 30 PM - Lunch - Ocean Ballroom2 00 PM - 3 00 PM - Lab of the Year Present
  • PDF - Agenda
    March 18 201411 00 - 11 40 - Fume Hoods - Bio Safety Cabinets - Ductless Hoods - Dubai Exhibition Center T Schwaller - Labconco D Laloux- Erlab18 30 - 21 00 - SEFA Member Meeting - Fairmont Hotel Sheikh Zayed Road Dubai U A E Gulf Salon 5 - 33rd FloorI Sternitzke - Trespa R Johnson - Hamilton Scientific D Sutton - SEFA S Chen - Yamato ScientificRegister at sefalabs comWednesday March 19 201411 40
  • PDF - Chemfhmaintenancerepaircertification
    Microsoft Word - CFH-Maintenance, Repairs and Certification Policy - Copy Procedure 6 03 Created 6 20 2013Chemical Fume Hood MaintenanceRepair and Certification Version 1 0 Revised NAA PURPOSE To establish a protocol for maintenance repair and certification of chemical fumehoods CFH at Columbia University This includes performance testing reporting andresponding to equipment failure scheduled main...
  • PDF - Form10 Mar04 2013
    Inst StudentResearch Research Service Support ServicesBudget InformationPeriod of Performance First Year Requested Total RequestedStart Date Direct DirectF A F AEnd DateTotal 0 Total 0Facilities Administrative Indirect Costs Cost SharingFirst Year Rate If not full rate please explain Mandatory Voluntary Comm NoneDeptCenterCollegeUnivPlease refer to instructions for additional guidance OtherFinanc
  • PDF - Sefa7 2007
    es 7 5 2 Packaging5 1 Materials Used inLaboratory Fittings 8 0 Water Faucets and Fittings5 2 Finishes for Laboratory 8 1 General RequirementsService Fixtures and 8 1 1 Working PressuresSafety Equipment 8 1 2 Working Temperatures5 2 1 Finish Types 8 2 Valve Construction5 2 2 Chrome Plated Finishes 8 3 Goosenecks Spouts and Outlet5 2 2 1 Description of Chrome FittingsPlated Finishes 8 3 1 General Co
  • Sanyo Radio Service Manuals Bolens Duratrac

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